Our Mission is to increase your child’s self esteem and confidence through a fun, safe and progressive program of goal oriented skill progressions that recognize individual differences in growth and maturity.

Gymnastics, Cheer Tumbling and Karate promote perseverance, pride of accomplishment, discipline and sell confidence. They establish a foundation for all sports by building strength, speed, flexibility and body awareness.

Through Success a child learns how to develop new skills and to approach learning in a positive manner. Being successful and expecting success in your endeavors is a trait which is useful for the rest or your life.


Devlin Gymnastics was founded in 1977 by Mary Devlin Milchanowski in a 1,200 sq ft shopping mall unit. The facility in Wall Township was designed and built from the ground up for gymnastics in 1988. In 1998 the Wall facility was doubled in size to it’s current 21,125 sq ft.

We have proudly taught gymnastics to children and young adults in both Monmouth and Ocean Counties from the beginning.

Penda Karate joined our facility in 1993. Al and Nick Gargiulo established a quality non-competitive karate program from the start and have gained a high regard in the karate community.


Our Gym is one of the best designed and equipped facilities in the USA.

We meet or surpass all USA Gymnastics safety specifications for gymnastics instruction and competition. We feature multiple sets of equipment for all events, 2 spring floors, 5 types of trampolines, 1,750 sq ft of in-ground training pits and an 8 ft climbing wall.

The facility is fully air conditioned with additional fresh air recovery systems in the gym, lobby, changing rooms and karate dojo.

Our second floor houses our 1,000 sq ft karate dojo and 1,000 sq ft dance floor.


Our Staff is dedicated to the sport of gymnastics and to insuring that every child they instruct receives the required direction and necessary support to make their gymnastics experience as fulfilling as it possibly can be.

We have a mix of staff, many with us for over 20 years and the rest were previous Devlin Gymnastics competitive athletes having recently graduated from college.

All Staff instructors are USA Gymnastics Professional or Instructor Members, all must pass a National Gymnastics Instructor course, all must pass a National Gymnastics Safety course every 4 years and all must pass a Criminal Background Check every 2 years.